Gameplay Video:

Editor Video:

A large part of the project for us programmers went to make a good level editor that the designers could use to design the levels. This editor was packed with features such as placing blocks that could auto-tile, place different item, enemies, npcs and grapichs.
Since the game was made with 2.5 graphics, everything had to be placed with a “depth”. Therefore the designers had options to place things behind or in front of each other as well.

I was lead programmer in this project and acted as a middle-part between the programmers and the artist/musicians/designers. I also structured the work between all programmers so that we could work effective. For this role I had to communicate a lot with everyone in the group so that everything was synchronised. (Eg. the graphics was of the right size, and format.)

Personally I worked a lot on the player physics in this project and coded a lot of the items. I also worked partly on the dialouge system and the editor.