This is a game that looks much better in motion, and that feels a lot more fun to play than it looks, in my opinion.

Concept Video:

Early Build:

More Developed Build:

I started this project as a way to learn Unreal Engine 4 while keeping my game making skills active. I started by wathcing tutorials of Unreal Engine 4 online and then learned most things by testing and failing. Since I have experience in Unity, some knowledge and understanding carried over from that engine.

Project MOOP is almost exclusivly "programmed" using blueprints and most assets in the game are standard assets from the engine. I made some 2d hud elements and textures but no modelling or animations. As far as programming goes for this project, I worked on:
-Player Physics
-Dynamic Texture Mapping

Some things were easy to do, since UE4 has a lot of assets from the start, while others, like making the camera work as intended, were trickier.